San Diego summers should be spent enjoying the great outdoors and not worrying about plumbing problems. However, several plumbing issues are more likely to strike during the summer months than in the wintertime. For example, you’re more likely to use more water during the hot weather and this can put a strain on your plumbing.

That means problems like leaky faucets, problematic showers, and blocked drains could be more frequent.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most common summer plumbing problems in San Diego so that you can look out for them and know what to do.

Water Line Rupture

Imagine going on vacation for a wonderful two weeks of relaxation only to come home to a flood in your home. This is a problem that we hear about more often than you might think but it can be avoided easily. A common source of this type of water damage is water line rupture. For example, if your washing machine or dishwasher has rubber hoses, these can degrade and rupture over time. Upgrading these hoses to braided stainless steel can make them more durable and give you peace of mind when you go away. It’s also important to get any nagging leaks repaired by a qualified plumber before you travel. But the ultimate protection, especially if you are going on a long vacation, is to shut off water to the whole house by turning off the main valve. Also, remember to turn off your water heater.

Sewer Line Blockages

One of the most unpleasant plumbing issues you can experience around the home during the summer is a sewer line blockage. You’ll certainly know you have one when the smell hits you! One of the most common causes of sewer line clogs is the infiltration of roots from shrubs or trees into your sewers. These roots grow more aggressively during the summer season and can find their way into sewers and pipes where they can block the entire waterway. This is one of the first things we check for when using our CCTV equipment and we’ll discuss the options with you if we find roots are the problem. Another common cause of blockages is food waste and sanitary products. We can give you advice on what not to put down your drains and sinks so that you can avoid blockages in the future.

Garbage Disposal Problems

Picnics, backyard barbecues, and other summer get-togethers can often mean more scraps find their way into your garbage disposal system. That could also mean scraps that your system is not designed to handle. From bones and watermelon rinds to corn husks and pineapple skin, these fibrous foods can play havoc with the blades and internal mechanism of your disposal unit. In some cases, these scraps could cause your garbage disposal to fail. Always put this type of material into your regular trash to keep your garbage disposal in good condition and working perfectly.

Air Conditioning Leaks

While not necessarily a plumbing problem, air conditioners can create a water issue from time to time! Your air conditioner works double duty during the summer months and all that cooling is going to take its toll somewhere along the line. Your system produces gallons of condensation every day. This water has to go somewhere and that’s into your AC’s drip pan. From here, the water is sent to your main plumbing system by a small drain line in your AC. If this line gets clogged for any reason it can result in the drip pan overflowing and causing leaks and water damage. A qualified technician will be able to inspect your system and ensure everything is working as it should be. A common cause of blockages is algae and your technician will clear the blockage and get your system working perfectly once more. Regular AC maintenance will ensure that mold and algae are cleaned away before they can cause a problem.

Issues With External Faucets

When the weather heats your plants and grass are going to be more thirsty than ever. That calls for using your hose and sprinkler system regularly. This in turn can put pressure on your external plumbing and faucets. For example, a loose or leaking tap could eventually break completely leaving you with a major leak on your hands. Problems with washers and tap heads can also make them harder to turn on, especially when your hands are wet from doing other things around the garden.

Shower Faults

During the summer months, you and your family may take more showers. This can put pressure on your shower and cause several problems to occur. One of the most common is a leaky shower head. This can be due to a problem with the showerhead itself or it could be down to limescale build-up. Either way, it’s going to hurt your shower experience! If you have noticed that the water in your shower tray is taking a long time to drain away, this could mean there is a problem further along your drain line. Sewer and drain blockages can prevent the flow of water from your plumbing into the sewer system. The good news is that we have the equipment necessary to check your lines and get them cleared as quickly as possible.

Blocked Toilets

Blocked toilets are never any fun, but can be especially unpleasant during the summer when everybody is home. Common causes of blockages are toilet paper, sanitary products, and even toys! It’s a good idea to remind the kids what’s safe to put down the toilet and what’s not. Most toilet blockages can be cleared within an hour of our arrival and we’ll leave everything clean and clear before we leave. We’ll also ensure that the blockage doesn’t cause a problem further down the sewer line.

Washing Machine Overload

Summer fun often means more laundry to take care of. From swimming clothes and beachwear to towels and sports gear, a lot can find its way into your washing machine in the summer. However, the more washing you load in, the harder your machine has to work. Overloading your machine could cause problems like leaks, a faulty drum, and also damage to the hoses at the back. Sticking to smaller loads can help to avoid these problems. It’s recommended that you check the hoses at the back of your machine regularly and get them replaced every 3-5 years.

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