Sewer Smell in San Diego, CA
July 14

Why Is There a Sewer Smell in My San Diego Home?

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Plumbing Problems in San Diego, CA
June 16

Summer Plumbing Problems in San Diego

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Cloudy Tap Water in San Diego, CA
May 2

Most Common Culprits of Low Water Pressure

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Clogged Drain in San Diego, CA
April 18

10 Reasons Why Your Drain Gets Clogged and How To Fix It

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Cloudy Tap Water in San Diego, CA
March 16

Figuring Out Cloudy Water

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Garbage Disposal in San Diego, CA
February 4

11 Things You Should Never Put in Your Garbage Disposal

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Running Toilet in Santee, CA
January 5

Why Is My Toilet Constantly Running?

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Tankless Water Heater in Santee, CA
December 1

How Does a Tankless Water Heater Work?

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Plumbing Issues in San Diego, CA
November 17

Check Your Older San Diego Home for These Common Plumbing Issues

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Fall Maintenance Tips in Santee, CA
September 1

7 Fall Plumbing Maintenance Tips

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