Tarpy Plumbing, Heating & Air has nearly a decade of experience providing just about every type of HVAC service imaginable, but did you know we launched our plumbing division earlier this year? Now customers who need a San Diego plumber can count on Tarpy Plumbing, Heating & Air!

We thought we’d celebrate the launch of our local plumbing service by taking a look at three common plumbing problems every homeowner faces at some time or another. We also have some helpful tips to help you keep these problems at bay.Three Common Plumbing Problems and Tips to Avoid Them

Problem #1: A clogged-up garbage disposal.

Garbage disposals are designed to finely chop up food scraps so that they can be processed by wastewater treatment plants instead of ending up in landfills. You can follow these tips to keep your disposal working its best:

First, run the disposal with a mix of both food and water. If you turn it on with a high volume of food and very little water, it’s more likely to get clogged up. Next, clean it every once in a while with ice. Simply empty out a few ice cube trays into the disposal and let it run for about 20 seconds or so. As the blades chop up the ice, they’ll get a gentle cleaning, as well! Try pouring half a cup of white vinegar on top of the ice for even better results. Lastly, avoid putting certain foods down the drain that are most likely to clog pipes. Fats, oils, meat, pasta, potatoes, and onions are some of the foods that routinely cause problems with garbage disposals.

Problem #2: A plugged-up toilet that won’t flush.

Even toilets that seem to be working fine can suffer from issues with the build-up of chemical and natural residues inside their pipes. The best way to avoid this problem is to regularly clean the toilet using an effective cleanser, which will deter residue from accumulating. And as tempting, as they might be, those scented “leave on” cleaners can’t replace a real weekly cleaning. For an extra boost of cleaning power, pour a half cup of white vinegar in the toilet once or twice a month. Flushable wipes are also known for causing plumbing problems, so those who have frequent toilet issues may want to avoid these products.

Problem #3: Washing machine flooding in the laundry room.

This common problem is often the result of rubber connection hoses not being connected securely or just wearing out. After a few years of usage, they may get cracks in them, which can cause a small leak or an all-out laundry room flood. It’s a good idea to use a longer-lasting, tougher steel model instead. Another smart preventative measure is installing a shutoff valve for the washer’s water source to ensure flooding doesn’t happen. You can also purchase a simple water-catching floor tray to place underneath your washing machine, just in case any small leaks happen.

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