Having a functional heating system is imperative, especially if you live in a region that experiences severe winter weather. The best way to prepare your unit for the winter months is by keeping up with maintenance. This will minimize the likelihood that your heating system will fail in the middle of the season.

Fall is the best time to have your heater inspected since you will likely find an available technician. When you wait until it’s too late, professionals are often busy attending emergency calls. Also, you will have more time in early fall to fix most issues in your heater and to keep it in the best conditions in preparation for the heating season. Here are more benefits of fall heater maintenance.

1. Maintenance Reduces Repair Needs

During maintenance, the technician can quickly fix minor issues within your unit before those problems escalate into significant problems. A professional will test the pilot lights, clean the unit, inspect the heat exchanger, and lubricate the parts to ensure smooth running. Keep in mind that the furnace fails due to dirt build-up, loose connections, and damaged components in most cases. The technician will address most of these types of issues during tune-ups to lower the chances of breakdowns. This way, you avoid expensive repairs or replacements. Note that preventive care costs are relatively cheaper compared to parts replacements or frequent emergency repairs.

2. Maintenance Increases the Unit’s Lifespan

The heating system is a substantial investment, and you wouldn’t want to replace it soon. A furnace can last between 15 and 20 years when well taken care of, but it might fail earlier when neglected. One great way to prolong your heater’s life is by planning for regular maintenance. Note that the heating systems contain various parts that coordinate to circulate warm air throughout the house. If one part develops a problem, it might cause strain on the other components, and the unit will eventually fail. The technician can diagnose and fix such issues early enough during maintenance, prolonging the unit’s lifespan. A well-lubricated and cleaned system will also perform optimally for an extended period.

3. It Improves the Comfort Level of Your House

Fall tune-ups will ensure that the heating system runs smoothly throughout summer to keep your house comfortable. Keep in mind that malfunctioning components and leaky ducts can reduce the airflow and inhibit your furnace’s ability to meet the house heating demands. You may also begin to notice that some rooms feel relatively cooler than others. During tune-ups, the technician will fix such issues to improve your house’s overall comfort.

4. The Unit Runs Efficiently

A well-maintained heating system uses less energy. Note that dirt build-up or malfunctioning components cause your furnace to work harder to maintain the set temperature. Leaks or poor insulation can also allow the heat to seep out, so your unit will have to run for a long time. You will then begin to notice unusual spikes in your energy bills. During fall tune-ups, a professional will clear off any clogs on the furnace and will fix poorly working components, which translates to reduce energy waste. This way, you will save a substantial amount of money.

5. Tune-Up Will Keep Your Family Safe

A neglected heating system is a safety hazard. The furnace works through a balance in airflow, solid electrical connection, and a constant gas supply. If any of these components gets out of balance, it might compromise your safety.

Most systems run on natural gas that requires constant inspection, so a dirty or malfunctioning furnace can emit a high volume of carbon monoxide. When inhaled in higher concentrations, the colorless and odorless gas prevents the blood from distributing enough oxygen throughout the body. This causes heart problems, brain issues, and even death.

Additionally, dirty burners cause gas accumulation which can result in an explosion. The heating system contains some electrical components that can cause a fire if anything goes wrong. During fall maintenance, a technician inspects the electric connectivity, checks the burner and gas connection, and inspects the heat exchanger to ensure that they all work optimally to keep your home safe.

6. It Improves Indoor Air Quality

The indoor air contains contaminants like pet dander, dust particles, pollen, and bug remains. If you fail to maintain your furnace often, the system will recirculate such pollutants throughout the house. It thus becomes difficult to clean the surfaces since dust particles accumulate once you turn on the heating system. Such contaminants can also affect your health and that of your family members.

A clogged filter encourages the growth of mold and mildew, and their pollens trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks. When you have your unit serviced in the fall, the technician will clean or replace the clogged air filters. Your furnace will thus begin to efficiently keep out contaminants and will blow in cleaner air, which will help you breathe easier.

7. Maintenance Protects the Warranty

Maintaining your heating system during fall will also help protect the warranty. Manufacturers give out specific terms that the furnace owner must follow to avoid invalidating the warranty. One such requirement is keeping up with regular maintenance. Remember that irrespective of the model or how powerful the furnace is, the system requires regular tune-ups to keep it in good condition for years to come. Once you file a claim, the manufacturer will request proof of maintenance records from a credible technician. If you neglect regular maintenance, it might invalidate your warranty.

8. Maintenance Will Give You Peace of Mind

After maintenance, you will enjoy dependable operations throughout the season. Once the technician exhausts the maintenance checklist, you will feel confident that they have fixed most issues. You will have peace of mind knowing that your unit will run safely and efficiently for days to come. Should anything go wrong with your heating system, you have already taken the necessary precautions to minimize the effects.

Schedule Your Furnace Maintenance Today

There is no better time to have your heating system serviced than fall. During this period, your technician will take the time to inspect your unit and fix any hidden issues to avoid inconveniencing malfunctions. You should never attempt DIY furnace maintenance. This task requires special equipment and skills because one simple mistake can cause more damages. The heating system contains gas-burning components, and improper handling can cause dangerous accidents that could lead to permanent injury or death. Therefore, leave such tasks to experienced technicians to get the job done correctly.

If you are ready to reap all the benefits of fall heater maintenance, reach out to Tarpy Plumbing, Heating & Air. Our team is well-versed in handling different heating system models and brands. We will clean the burners, filters, heat exchangers, and other components. Our team also checks to ensure that the venting system operates appropriately and performs a general inspection of the furnace to fix leaks, spot rust issues, and ensure that the electric system is in top shape. We specialize in heating and AC system installation, repair, and inspections. You can also depend on us for plumbing repairs, duct cleaning, indoor air quality, water heater, and ductless mini-splits services. We serve San Diego, CA, and the surrounding areas. Call us now to book your fall heater maintenance appointment.

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