Air Conditioning Installation San Diego

If you have an air conditioner and want to save money on your energy bill, you might be wondering how to get the most from it. Some people short-cycle their air conditioners to save money, but that’s not always the best option.

Learn about short-cycling and how it affects your energy bill and how an AC repair team can help, and you will save plenty of money. Rather than leaving it on all the time, they switch it on and off. It often costs more to restart an AC unit than it does to leave it running. Also, your AC could unintentionally turn off on its own. When that happens, you know you have a bigger problem under the surface.

Intentional Short-Cycling

Intentional short-cycling is when you turn off and on your AC to save time and money. For example, you might leave your AC on for 15 minutes and turn it off for 15 minutes. The problem is that doing so uses a lot of energy and damages your unit. When you use that option, you force your AC to do a lot of work starting and shutting off. Save money by sealing your doors and windows and by keeping your thermostat in a lower setting.

Unintentional Short-Cycling

If unintentional short-cycling is happening, you need to understand it and why it’s happening. Unintentional short-cycling is a problem that shows your AC unit is in disrepair. If you don’t solve the problem right away, it will progress and get much worse over time. An improper refrigerant charge can cause your AC to shut off, but a faulty pressure gauge could also be the problem. If you don’t want your AC to short-cycle, contact an expert the first time you notice a problem.

How Tarpy Plumbing, Heating & Air Can Help

If you need a plumbing company on which you can depend, Tarpy Plumbing, Heating & Air is here to give you a hand and provide the outcome for which you have been looking. Our team of experienced experts is ready to make sure you get the service you need.

We have tools and equipment to do AC repair right and provide outstanding results on which you can depend. When you work with Tarpy Plumbing, Heating & Air, they want to put a smile on your face and prove you made the smart move. Contact us if you would like to get reliable air conditioning in San Diego.

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