Years ago, there weren’t many choices or options on which thermostat to hang on your wall. They were brown or yellow in color and had one dial you could move forward or backward. Today, you have the option of color, digital, wifi, manual, and programmable. The options are endless for your benefit. I believe there are three top contenders that give you unlimited options for savings and comfortability. The top thermostats are Ecobee, Nest, and Honeywell.

Don’t be fooled, they may look a lot alike, but vary in some differences and capabilities.


The sleek design may be just enough for you to purchase this all-black and smooth edge thermostat, but it has more to offer than just good looks. The Ecobee has a great feature that allows you to program the temperature and time to turn off and on. Not only can you do this on the digital box on your wall, but also from your phone. Don’t like to get out of your warm bed in the morning to turn on the heat? No problem! You can simply turn on your system with its easy-to-use app, or simply program it so it automatically will turn on when you wake up. Now, most homes have more than one room in the house, the Ecobee is great for that! Perhaps you are running you’re A/C in the heat of summer, your kitchen and living room is a nice 74 degrees, but your bedroom can’t seem to get below 80 degrees! The Ecobee has a remote sensor that can be placed in that back bedroom and will detect the high temperature. It will average the temperature in the house and will be able to reach a more optimum temperature for comfort. If this all sounds great and bee-utiful then the Ecobee is for you!


Nest has come out with many high-tech gadgets, but one of their best and brightest is the Nest Thermostat. This round thermostat is essentially a moving dial. Some thermostats have too many buttons and are not easy to use. The Nest is simple; turn one direction to cool and the other for heat. It’s that simple! Nest is all about saving money and energy, and you will know when you are doing both. A green leaf will appear on the screen, this means it is at an energy-saving temperature, which in turn saves you money! If taking the time to program a thermostat seems mundane and nail-biting, then you’re in luck! The Nest automatically learns your schedule, optimum temperatures, and when you’re away. It doesn’t just learn the household once; it constantly is keeping up with your comfort levels. Seasons change and so does your comfort, the Nest will quickly respond to outside temperatures and inside. Since this is a smart thermostat, it wouldn’t be complete with a smart app for your phone. The app allows you to control the settings from your phone from anywhere. If you want to be nesting in your home with a thermostat that reads you like a book, then this Nest is for you!


Honeywell has been around the block, it has produced many advanced technologies, but the most recent is its new thermostat. This too works with your smartphone, allowing you to control temperatures and settings. However, it also works with your smartphone’s location. If you are the person that is rushing out the door every morning, leaving the TV or coffee pot still on, then this feature will work great for you. It’s called Geofencing, the thermostat can detect whether your phone is at the house or away. When you leave for work in the morning, Honeywell will sense that the smartphone has left and automatically turn to an energy-efficient setting. When you arrive home, it will turn on to your ideal comfort level. This thermostat is pretty impressive with its detectability and applications. If you tend to be the forgetful one, then honey, this Honeywell is for you!

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