Everyone is curious and wants to know if the cost of installing A/C will break their bank. You can breathe easy and rest assured that your wallet will stay intact. Tarpy Plumbing, Heating & Air is all about serving you and working with you to offer the best affordable pricing with the highest quality product you deserve. There are many factors that go into providing you with the best bid on the block.

  • The Total Square Footage Of Your Home

    The square footage needs to be factored into the right and appropriate sizing for the condensing unit. This means that we want to make sure the A/C is more than capable to cool your entire house to your comfort level. A load calculation will determine the actual sizing of the equipment, but generally, a good roundabout rule is 500sq ft. per ton (BTU). For example, a 2,000sqft home would use a 4ton-condensing unit. A ballpark price including materials (A/C, ducting, piping, etc.), labor, and service cost would be $6500. Since this is a guestimate, there are always other factors that play into pricing, such as the next point; single or two-story home.

  • A One-Story Or Two-Story Home

    The Law of Thermodynamics clearly defines that warm air will always rise above and cool air will sink below. Now, if you were a physicist this model would fuel your need to understand and build models on this concept. Chances are you’re not a physicist, but a homeowner looking to cool the top floor of your home. Thermodynamics works in all sorts of ways, for example, keeping a hot air balloon in the sky instead of falling to the ground. However, this poses as undesirable for second-story dwellers. A thermostat will most likely be placed in your living room on the bottom floor, but there are alternatives to help keep the first and second floor at cool comfortable temperatures. By adding an additional thermostat making the house into two zones, will eliminate the rising temperatures upstairs. The addition of a second thermostat zone will start at $3000. This will allow the top floor to kick on and cool, while the bottom floor can stay off and keep the constant temperature.

  • High-Efficiency Systems
    Energy efficiency is a very important factor in choosing the right appliance for your home. When an A/C system has a high SEER rating, this means that the system is energy efficient. The higher the rating the more efficient the A/C will be. Why is energy efficiency so great to consider? Well, the system is designed and built to work smarter not harder; this, in turn, can save you money on your electricity bill. There are many systems to choose from all with varying SEER ratings. A new system with a SEER rating of 16 in a standard 1,500sq ft. home can average $4500. However, choosing to upgrade to higher efficiency such as 18 SEER would gradually increase the estimated cost.

    Tarpy Plumbing, Heating & Air always puts the customer first, this means we strive to give you the best quality products at a competitive price. We are confident in our service and pricing so much so, that we provided you with the knowledge and numbers to make an informative decision. We hope to build a relationship with you and earn your trust.

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