Blown in Insulation


Using Blown In Insulation For an Energy Efficient Retrofit When looking at a San Diego home renovation one of the first things to decipher on is if the project is going to improve your quality of living. This is generally the case but if you can also make your home more energy efficient while also improving the market value it checks the three tiers of what is considered a perfect home improvement project.

At first glance upgrading home insulation in San Diego may not seem like a ‘sexy’ renovation project. When you consider the fact that it makes your home more comfortable temperature wise, lowers your utility bills, and makes your home more valuable when it’s time to sell, an insulation renovation really is valuable in a number of ways.

Is an Insulation Upgrade Really Necessary?

Obviously the answer to if a San Diego insulation upgrade is truly necessary depends on what your home is currently outfitted with. Improving the insulation in older homes is almost always profitable because they had such a lax approach to energy efficiency decades ago. When you consider that up to 35% of heat can be lost through poorly insulated walls and 25% more gone via an uninsulated attic it seems than an insulation upgrade in Southern California can be very beneficial.

In fact, the ROI of a adding insulation is one of the best in the home improvement industry. An estimated 116.9% of the initial investment can be recouped at the time of sale. This means profit in market value in addition to the roughly $120 saved annually in lower utility bills. An insulation upgrade pays you back immediately but also when it comes time to put your house up for sale. This is all the while making your home more comfortable to live in by limiting drafts and retaining conditioned air.

Blown In Insulation for a Retrofit

One of the immediate benefits of using blown in insulation in San Diego for your home improvement project is that it is much more convenient to install. This is especially important in a retrofit where access to blown in insulation can be provided by a small hole in a ceiling or near the top of wall studs. Trying to retrofit with fiberglass batts or rigid foam means tearing apart sheetrock and having to repaint, install trim, etc. when completed. This means that while blown-in insulation may seem more costlier up front, the entire project can actually save money considering labor and extra materials. Loose fill insulation also provides better R-Value (about 22% more) than fiberglass batts.

Loose fill, blown-in insulation provides a monolithic layer of protection that does not have seams. Both fiberglass as well as cellulose blown in insulation are made from recyclable materials. When installed, blown-in insulation also creates an airtight seal which assists in noise proofing and acoustical benefits. This type of seal is also beneficial in limiting the spread of fire and the materials themselves are also fire-retardant.

Upgrading insulation in San Diego as a whole is a very smart investment but doing so with blown-in insulation is even wiser. There is literally no risk in this project that pays you back over the long term, but also immediately in the form of energy savings and lower bills.

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