Summer is here and it’s a scorcher!

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Think your aging air conditioner will be able to keep up during those sweltering hot days when you need it most? Think again!

Older air conditioning systems deal with years of wear and tear. Repairs can run you thousands of dollars, which often include broken compressors, malfunctioning condensers, motor blow-outs and even complete breakdowns.

If your current air conditioner frequently has problems or you have astronomically high electric bills, it’s time to replace it with a new and more reliable system.

Don’t sweat it! Why wait until your air conditioner dies on the hottest day of summer?

Now, you can be proactive and get a complete air conditioning system for only $3 a day.

Our high efficiency HVAC systems boast many incredible features, such as programmable thermostats, comfort control, superior air flow, whisper quiet operation and much more.

You’ll immediately reap the benefits of superior comfort, lower bills, and reduced energy consumption. Your new air conditioning system will operate more efficiently and reduce your electric bill by 50% and more.

Take advantage of California’s Energy Efficiency Program

California is now running a pilot program to help it reach its clean energy goals and reduce climate pollution. What does that mean for you? They’re helping homeowners improve their energy efficiency and comfort of their living spaces. They’ve made it possible for you to purchase a high efficiency air conditioning systems for just pennies each month! No down payment is required.

But wait… there’s more!

You’ll also qualify for an instant rebate between $1,000 and $4,500 after you purchase a new system from Tarpy Heating & Air.

We offer an incredible 10 year parts and 2 year labor guarantee…. which will save you even more money since 80% of all air conditioner repair costs are due to labor.

Tarpy Heating and Air provides the most trusted, reliable and affordable HVAC Service since 2007.

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We provide the most superior cooling and heating solutions throughout Southern California. Our expert technicians are fully licensed and bonded, and committed to deliver the highest quality service, repairs and installations. We work tirelessly to ensure our thousands of customers enjoy the highest level of comfort in their homes and offices.

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