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The Importance of Getting An AC Tune Up Before the Busy Season

For many homeowners in San Diego, running the AC is a necessary evil of Summer. Granted our San Diego air conditioning needs aren’t that of the humid Southern states or the Arizona desert but we still get some pretty hot days in our area.

What most of our customers might not be aware of is that heating and cooling account for roughly 48% of energy use in a typical home. This is easily the biggest expense so it makes sense to try and limit that consumption as much as possible. Getting your air conditioner tuned up will help you avoid costly AC repair in the future.

Responsible use is the best way to do this. Responsible use means not only running your AC in the most efficient manner possible, but also having the air conditioner tuned up and ready for the busy cooling season.

Is An AC Tune Up Really Necessary?

Some customers think that an AC tune-up is an unnecessary waste of home budget overhead. That’s simply not true because having San Diego air conditioner maintenance can cut energy use by 5% to 15% providing an instant ROI. Not only that, annual tune-ups allow the AC to run easier which boosts their life span by about 40%. Regardless of these benefits, still only about 42% of homeowners call professionals to perform routine maintenance – they almost all undoubtedly pay the price (earlier replacement, higher utility bills) eventually.

What is Involved in a San Diego Air Conditioner Tune Up?

An AC tune up is definitely worth it because we perform a 15-point inspection on a variety of components. These involve inspections, cleaning, and calibrating to ensure the AC is in proper working order and to guarantee the unit runs as efficiently as possible. Some steps include:

• Checking overall operation of the unit

• Check system for loose parts, vibrations, etc.

• Lubricate air handler blower • Flush system

• Check pumps

• Lubricate condenser fan motor

• Clean condensate drain lines

• Inspect refrigerant level

• Clean and inspect condenser coils

• Test evaporator and heat exchanger

• Inspect electrical wires, safety trips, and thermostat

• Replace air filters

• Run the system and adjust for peak operating efficiency

These inspection points are designed to 1) make sure your system is running optimally 2) identify and fix any problems with components before they become catastrophes 3) ensure your AC has as long a life span as possible.

Our maintenance and tune-up saves you money in the present by lowering utility bills on a monthly basis but it can also save you costly repairs down the line. If you’ve gone a couple years without having your AC properly tuned up, there’s no better time than now to call Tarpy and get your system back in peak condition.

Tarpy is a full service San Diego HVAC and plumbing contractor.  We are a licensed, bonded, and insured company with thousands of customers in the San Diego area. We provide services including HVAC repair, Heating Installation, AC Installation and Plumbing San Diego.

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